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We offers end-to-end solutions concept and strategy, implementation and support.
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We provide a full range of CRM development services, our agile software
development approach will provide strategic direction.

Full-range Services

We provide a full range of CRM development services that cover Business Analysis, Configuration and Customization, Custom Development, Integration and Support. We deliver precise, business-specific solutions that support a varying complexity of B2B and B2C sales processes and exploit CRM opportunities to the fullest.

Agile software development

Our agile software development approach will provide strategic direction, expert engineering, and product management to get you to market quickly with what you need to be successful. We help you stay ahead and anticipate change. By providing the technical and business expertise to advance your existing products, we enable you to outpace the competition while continually meeting your customers' expectations.


Packaged software with default settings is made to serve default businesses, falling short of realizing your true competitive advantages. We are ready to tailor a CRM system to your actual business needs, with a special attention to the types of involved stakeholders and your operational model – from direct sales to subscription management and contractual agreements.


Our experience allows us to suggest the technologies that the best for you

Modern software solutions require knowledge in more than one technology to be a success. At XSTEAD, we have enough skills and knowledge to turn your idea into a project which will include all the technologies needed and which will meet the highest standards in your industry. We will offer you the best realization of your project with the implementation of the latest and most advanced technologies.

  • Web development.
  • Mobile development.
  • Java development.
  • Linux server management.
  • Database architect/design.
  • Php development.

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